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Commercial Minus Temperature Cold Room Storage Of Upvc Profiles

Commercial Minus Temperature Cold Room Storage Of Upvc Profiles

Prducts Type:Commercial Cold Room Storage
Dimensions :customized
General temperature: between 0-18℃
Condensing water:evaporated or drained
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Commercial Minus Temperature Cold Room Storage Of Upvc Profiles

PVC profiles are the king of cost performance for assembling a door & window. It has an excellent Thermal transmittance than Aluminum & Wood. PVC window will help us to save 30% heating or cooling cost. In addition, good Wind load resistant, Air permeability & Water tightness let the PVC window can use for cold storage room doors. As people said, PVC windows contain Heavy metal & Lead material. With time passing by, the lead material will come out & harm for health. However, with the development of formula's upgrade, all Lumei profiles is using CaZn stabilizer to avoid any Heavy Metal material. We had passed European CE certification as well as RoHS certification. 

What characterizes and distinguishes Lumei PVC is the speed of the response, on-time delivery, service organized by specialized technicians and, more generally, the utmost attention to customer needs.

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Customized Dimensions: Commercial Minus Temperature Cold Room Storage is available in various will be able to chppse your own sizing for use.

Temperature: This is cold room storage works between 0-18℃。

Shelving rack: We can offer the additional shelving rack for you.It's a unique support for our customers.this racks holder will help you to embellish items in it and also you can be able to discover out your items quickly when you will need.

Single phase 220 volt:commercial Minus Temperature Cold Room Storage is Able to perform in only 220 it eill cost less power


. Our products are costomized for needs of our cutomers

. Always a custom look

. Easy and quick assembly

. Long durabbility perfect construction

. Engry saving with customized upvc panel

. Efficient space utilization

. Balance refrigeration system

. Commercaial cold room are easy to install

. Condensing water: evaporated or drained

. We have lots of tips to operate your cold room from planing to every day use

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cold room storages of upvc profile

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