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The difference between American and European linea uPVC Profiles

Americano Linea uPVC profile

      The uPVC sliding sash of the European line window slides on the tracks of the PVC frame, that is, the sliding sash surrounding frame structure. Its seal is formed by the top of the inner side of the sliding sashes and the two sides of the guide rail. The sash of the American sliding window slides in the groove of the sliding frame (that is, the frame surrounding sash structure), and a separate guide rail can be installed in the groove, or it can slide directly on the bottom of the groove. The sealing of American windows is realized by the tops between the outer side of the sliding sash and the two sides of the groove. The tops can be installed on the sliding sashes or on the side wall of the groove on the sliding frame. Comparison of the two structures It can be seen that the latter one has better water and air tightness property. For this reason, people have made targeted improvements on European-style sliding windows-adding a sealing guide rail between the two sliding sashes to improve the watertight and air tightness of the entire window.

      The sashes of European-style sliding windows are welded with the same profile. After welding, the shape of the whole sash is uniform and the shape is neat and tight. The sashes of American sliding windows are usually composed of two or more profiles which are either welded or screwed. Various sashes have their own functions. Some sashes directly design with the push-pull (or lift) handle on the top; some sashes directly design with the function of the cover plate, thereby eliminating the coveplate profile; for some sashes on the bottom there is a groove for installing the pulley.

      A very important window type of PVC American profile is double hung windows (single and double sliding windows). This window type is a self-contained system with distinctive features. The uPVC double hung window mainly relies on a kind of hardware called a balancer to realize its function of hugging and balancing the sash. The salient feature of the hung frame is that it has one (single hugging) or two (double lifting) opening slots for installing balancers.

      In order to meet the customer’s demand of the American market, Lumei independently developed and designed American Linea LM-5000 series sliding window profiles and American Linea LM-8000 series sliding door (PVC Patio Door) profiles, specially focusing on and serving customers in the Americas.






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