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UPVC Swing Window And Door With PVC Profiles

​70mm "Zhizhen" Casement series UPVC Profiles for PVC window and door is one of the most high-end PVC profile. It adopts Ca-Zn formula and has excellent environmental protection. With independent drainage cavity design to improve the drainage performance for finished UPVC windows. With sample,utility and highly operable technologies,70mm series UPVC profile suitable for industrial production.
UPVC Profile Color:
UPVC Profile Length:
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UPVC Profile Certification:
  • 70mm Casement Series
  • Lumei Brand
  • LMPK-70

UPVC Swing Window And Door With PVC Profiles

Advantage of 70mm UPVC Profile series

1.Six cavity structure with good heat preservation and energy saving effects.

2.Independent drainage cavity design to improve the drainage performance.

3.It can be designed into casement window, inward tilt-turm window,fixed windows.

4.With 4-level wind pressure resistance.

5.Especially suitable cold areas,mainly used in high-end buildings.

70mm UPVC Profiles

Energy Saving Index Parameters for 70mm UPVC Profiles

Product name 70mm "ZhiZhen" series of Casement Windows
PVC Profile structure 6 chamber 3 seal structure
Heat transfer coefficient profiles uf=1.0w/(k.m²)
Wind pressure for PVC Profile 6500pa

70mm UPVC Window Profiles

Certificate of Lumei uPVC Windows and Doors Profile

Lumei upvc profiles are lead free and all of products are ensured by CE/RoHS/ISO9001 Certification
Lumei upvc profile are 100% raw material 100% recyled materials .Really environmentally friendly
Lumei upvc profile have special products have been added, and a sufficient amount of UV absorbers, titanium dioxide, has been added to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet effects. 

UPVC Profiles Certification

Jinan Lumei Construction Material Co., Ltd is an excellent PVC/UPVC profiles supplier in China.We have our own production line .We mainly produce uPVC window and door profiles ,finished uPVC windows and doors with different colors like ivory white color and milk white color. And we have more than 10 years export experience.We can provide 60mm,65mm and 70mm plastic casement windows, 80mm,88mm plastic sliding windows.Lumei PVC profiles passed the ISO9001:2008/CE/ROHS  certification.All of our PVC profiles are in lead free to meet environmental protection.

Lumei UPVC Profiles


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