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65mm Casement UPVC Profiles

UV Protection Extrusion UPVC Profiles

UV Protection Extrusion UPVC Profiles

Type:Plastic Profiles
Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)
Application:steel-plastic doors & Windows
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UV protection extrusion uPVC profiles for upvc window with lead free formula

1.HIgh-UV Resistance

Ultraviolet  Coating-General The adding of a white layer on the surface of uPVC profiles, to protect and/or enhance the appearance of products. Coatings is more than just a UVprotective skin, they provide the product optical and haptic characteristics.

Our products are specifically built to withstand harsh weather conditions and protect from strong uv exposure so there is no compromise in the uv resistance of the product even under the strong sun! Our upvc profiles are especially uv resistant windows treated with titanium di-oxide 5.94%; this ensures that even years of exposure to the sun will not deteriorate them. Uv resistant is a great benefit especially in tropical countries like India where the sun is always strong and the danger of overexposure to harmful uv rays is always high,uPVC profiles  very easy to discoloration in short time . 

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Coextruded UV Protection Layer key to performance

Coextruded UV Protection Layer

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Lumei UPVC profiles come with a COEXTRUDED UV PROTECTION LAYER,specially suited to the harsh weather conditions of the Gulf region. This extra coating gives additional thermal protection, keeps out the heat and dust.

Note: Blue Colour shown in the picture is to indicate white UV Layer of the actual profile.


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1.For cold region and and High -grade buildings,in order to meet the windoors national standard,65mm casement series pvc profiles  adopts visual surface thickness class B standard.

2.Large sections and thickness ,Ensures high strength of doors and windows, Multi- chambers can realize the three sealing measures,fully meet the requirements of energy saving .

3.65mm casement series has five chambers,Excellent insulation performance, Drainage chamber and steel cavity are designed separately ,that makes the assembly of steel reinforcement and sink processing are independent of each other ,improve the service life of the Windows and Doors .

4. When the windows in closed state,there has three seals between the window frame and sash ,more better reflect the superiority of  Window’s watertight and airtight.The standard design of the glass bead ,makes the window frame and window sash can be installed double glazing bead and triple  glazing bead.   


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For your choices,we can supply sliding series and casement series uPVC profiles . In white color,wood grain&laminated profiles are available. Sliding series:60mm / 80mm/ 88mm/ 108mm Casement series :60mm/65mm /70mm
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