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70mm Casement UPVC Profiles

70mm Extrusion Window Profiles

70mm Extrusion Window Profiles

Material:pvc profiles
Markets Served:Windows and doors
Transport package:plastic film
Color:pure white milk white color
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 China factory 70mm  extrusion window Profiles with laminated 

Company Information for 70mm extrusion window profiles :

Jinan Lumei Construction Material Co., Ltd is an excellent pvc  u-pvc profiles supplier in China.We have our own production line .We mainly produce upvc window and door profiles ,finished upvc windows and doors with different colors like wooden color with laminated ,pure white color, ivory white color and milk white color. .And we have more than 10 years export experience.
Our products includes60/65 /70casement series, 80/88/108/60sliding series .

 factory Windows and doors

70mm extrusion window profiles :
70mm round stype upvc profiles windows machines accessories windows

China factory 70mm  extrusion window Profiles with laminated advantages as follows: 

(1)Good Water Sealing Property for extruded pvc plastic profile
With rain-proof plate, and grooves and poles water drainage, doors and windows can isolate rain to outdoors completely.
(2)Aging Resisting about extruded pvc plastic profile
Adopting imported improver, and with ultraviolet-radiation-proof absorbent, plastic doors and windows remain the same color and without aging under burning sun, heavy rain, dryness, and wetness from minus 30 degrees to 70 degrees.
(3)Fire Proof Property about extruded pvc plastic profile
The plastic does not self-ignite, not support combustion, and can self-extinguish.
There are sealed strips on the gaps of joints, which can save energy.
(5)Easy Maintained
The PVC profiles will not be influenced by dust, cement, and agglutinant, etc. They can be cleaned by any cleaning agents. 
Superior performance of Lumei profile:

Testing itemTechnical requirementTesting result 
1Status after 150ºC heatingNo bubbles, cracks and pittingpassed
2Vicat softening temperature (B50)ºC≥75 81.0
3Bending modulus of elasticity (Mpa)≥22002.39*103
4Tensile-impact strength (KJ/m2)  ≥600 652
5Charpy notched impact strength (KJ/m2)≥2021.8
6Welding angle mean stress ≥35 47.1
7Welding angle Min. stress ≥3042.1

CE Certification of China factory 70mm extrusion window Profiles with laminated :

CE certificate

If you need 70mm extrusion window profiles ,please contact me :

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Wechat/Whatsapp :008618615426085

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Material:pvc-U profiles(br/)Length:5.8meters(br/)color :pure white color

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