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70mm Casement UPVC Profiles

Lead Free uPVC Extrusion Window Frame Profiles

Lumei 70mm system takes the design philosophy of six chambers in thick wall thickness, energy-saving glass installation and unique wall installation technologies at door opening. It is one of the most high-end energy-saving window systems in current. This product is especially suitable for severe cold areas and mainly used for villas and high-end civil buildings.
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Lead Free uPVC Extrusion Window Frame Profiles

lamination upvc profile 67_gezshou.jpg

System Overview

design style upvc.jpg

Multiple opening method

America style swing 360x360.jpg         America swing 360x360.jpg


             America style swing                                                                America swing

awing window.jpg           casement window.jpg


                            awing window                                                                                casement window

Folding door 360x360.jpg              Hopper pvc window.jpg


                  Folding door                                                                      Hopper pvc window

Film laminated and uPVC-aluminum coated.

Do you like wooden windows but you don't want to repaint them every few years? Combining the natural look of wooden windows with the easy-care properties of PVC, wood texture finish designs are the perfect solution.

laminated film and aluminum coated.jpg


Smart technology, premium design and plenty of enjoyment for years to come.

The elegant appearance of aluminum is a major trend – throughout the entire living area. Refine your windows' look: with aluminum shells. The trick lies in combining the advantages of the two materials: the excellent thermal insulation properties of PVC windows and the modern look of aluminum. The result of this interplay is a product of the highest technical standards that combines beautiful design with individuality. The aluminum shells can be coated in all RAL colors, leaving no wish unfulfilled.

Glass systems

system glass and shading.jpg

Lumei 70mm uPVC Profiles recommend to use 5+12+5 hollow glass, or 5+9+5+9+5/ 5+12+5+12+5 three-layer insulating glass,which could achieve optimal performance of wind Load Resistance level 4 and class 8 heat preservation.

System shading

Banner-uPVC Profile.jpg

Lumei 70mm system can use double glazing blinds assembled hollow glass. Electric or manual open mode, more easy to use .Also will get the best effect of sound insulation, heat insulation and shading.

System Installation

Lumei 70mm system takes the installation technology of vice-frame, this method offers more protection for finished windows and lead installation more standardized, convenient. The process is simple and practical which suits for large-lot production.

Tips for window maintenance.

Lumei uPVC window profiles are made from premium, weather-resistant and easy-to-clean plastic. To clean the smooth, non-porous and hygienic surface, all you need is normal soapy water. Soiling due to dust and rain can be removed easily. Do not use abrasives or chemicals, such as nitro diluents, benzene or similar agents, for cleaning.

CE certification 70mm upvc window profile in lead free and white color pvc profiles
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