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70mm Casement UPVC Profiles

Upvc Casement Windows

Upvc Casement Windows

Size: 70mm
Formula: CaZn stabilizer without lead
CO is available
Surface thickness 2.0mm - 2.8mm
Color White/ grrey/ lamanted/ wire drawing etc.
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upvc casement windows profiles with RAL color 

 Company Information :
Jinan Lumei Construction Material Co., Ltd is an excellent pvc  u-pvc profiles supplier in China.We have our own production line .We mainly produce upvc window and door profiles ,finished upvc windows and doors with different colors like ivory white color and milk white color. .And we have more than 10 years export experience.
Our products includes60/65 /70casement series, 80/88/108/60sliding series .
upvc casement windows profiles with RAL color advantages:
1. The main section bar with a six-cavity structure has good thermal-insulating and energy-saving effects, which s one of the most high-end section bar systems in the current market.
2.It applies independent drainage cavity design to improve the drainage performance of fnished windows.
3. It can be designed into in-swinging casement windows, inward tilt-turn windows, fixed windows, etc.
4. Through connection materials, it can form connection in any angle.
5. It can be equipped with three-layer and double-layer hollow glass at large intervals.
6. With simple, utility and highly operable technologies, it is suitable for industrial production.
7.4-level air tightness, 3-Ievel water tightness, 4-level wind pressure resistance and 8.Ievel thermal insulation.

upvc casement windows profiles with RAL color pictures:



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