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ASA Pvc Extrusion Profile

ASA Pvc Extrusion Profile

Type: Sliding & casement
Formula: CaZn stabilizer without lead
Corner Strength ≥2400Pa
Vicat softing point ≥80.2 ℃
Charpy impact strength ≥21.2 KJ/M2
Color White/ grrey/ lamanted/ wire...
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ASA pvc extrusion profile for windows and doors 

What is ASA?

Modified resin (ASA) is a ternary polymer composed of acrylonitrile, styrene, and acrylic resin. It was developed in the 1970s and is an impact-modified resin.

ASA is a ternary polymer composed of acrylonitrile (Acrylonitile), styrene (Styrene) and acrylic rubber (Acrylate) which was successfully developed in the 1970s and belongs to the impact-modified resin.

ASA is a major product of GE Plastics, a subsidiary of General Electric (GE), and was introduced to the Chinese pvc color coextrusion profile market in August 2002 under the registered trademark of Geloy.

Advantages of ASA

1, ASA has good mechanical and physical properties

ASA and ABS are similar in structure and consist of acrylonitrile and butadiene rubber, which retains the excellent mechanical and physical properties of ABS as an engineering plastic.

2, ASA has a strong weather resistance

When a polymer contains a double bond, the double bond is easily opened by ultraviolet rays in sunlight having a large energy intensity, thereby causing a decrease in the aging resistance of the polymer, and the ASA is desaturated. The double-bonded acrylic rubber replaces the butadiene rubber containing unsaturated double bonds in ABS, so it not only resists degradation, aging, fading caused by ultraviolet radiation, but also decomposes due to high temperature during oxidation processing in the atmosphere. The color change has a strong guarantee, which greatly improves the anti-aging and weather resistance of the material. According to the test results, the anti-aging performance of ASA is more than 10 times that of ABS.

3, ASA has better high temperature resistance

4, ASA is an anti-static material, can make the surface less dust

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certification of pvc profile

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