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Casement UPVC Profiles

Perfiles De PVC PARA Ventanas

Perfiles De PVC PARA Ventanas

Type:Plastic Profiles
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Frame Material:Plastic (UPVC)
Open Style:casement&sliding
Product Name:China supplier hot sale high uv resistance window pvc profile
Style:Europe standard/American style/turkish design upvc profile
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Advantages of Lumei pvc profile for windows 

1,Saving energy costs According to the energy sector, 25% of annual heating and cooling costs are due to energy losses due to insufficient windows.And choosing Lumei pvc profiles can help you solve this problem completely.
2,Lower energy use will save you more energy. Window engineer Steve Poitz says double-layer vinyl windows can reduce energy consumption by up to 24% in winter and up to 18% in summer.
3,Environment If you use less energy means you burn less fossil fuel. In turn, you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
4,,Noise reduction reduces outdoor noise pollution from neighboring hyenas or cars driving on highways or highways.
5,Elimination of condensation When the outside is cold and the internal temperature is high, the single-window glass window often forms condensation, then drops to the window seal and eventually begins to decay and mold. A premium dual pane vinyl window will eliminate this headache.

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LUMEI PVC Profiles are lead free and ensured by CE certification and RoHS ,and our profiles are very popular in many counties:Our products have been exported to many countries, Asia, Europe, America, Central America, such as Argentina, Spain, Chile, Guinea, Guatemala, Valvado, India, South Africa, etc. Our annual output can reach 8,000 tons a year. Up to 600 tons in January, it can definitely meet your demand; using energy-saving materials has truly achieved green environmental protection.
Our product series: casement 60/65/70mm;sliding series 60/80/88/108mm .color have white color pvc profile, uv-resistance pvc profile,ASA extrusion pvc profile and laminated rays pvc profiles mulit-kinds of products for your choice.

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Lumei upvc profiles are lead free and all of products are ensured by CE/RoHS Certification

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