Mold industry status
May 17, 2018

According to the statistics of China Die and Mould Industry Association, since 2010, the growth rate of China’s mold exports has exceeded 20% for four consecutive years. Due to weak international market demand, the growth rate of mold exports in 2014 decreased to 9.35%.

China's mold manufacturing industry production and sales demand forecasting and transformation upgrade analysis report data show that in the first quarter of 2015, China's mold exports increased by 3.09% year-on-year, the rate of increase further slowed down. It is expected that the annual export growth rate will decline further than last year; over the same period mold import and export and import There has been the first "quarterly negative growth" since 2009 and market uncertainties have increased.

Die is known as the "mother of industry" reputation, China's current mold and die enterprises reached 30,000, the annual output value of 220 billion yuan, annual export close to 5 billion US dollars, has become a mold manufacturing power and mold trade power. The growth rate of China's mold exports continued to slow down. Apart from the international economic situation, it also shows that the international competitiveness of the mold industry is insufficient.

Although the international mold market has been shrinking since 2014, the high-end market, represented by precision molds, still has a large demand. However, due to China's high-end mold "self-provisioning rate" less than 60%, it has greatly restricted the development of high-end international markets.

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