Mold loss causes
May 17, 2018

1) Problems with the material of the main working part of the mold, improper material selection. Material performance is not good, not wear-resistant; mold steel is not refined, with a large number of smelting defects; convex and concave molds, forging billet forging process is not perfect, remains hidden heat treatment.

2) The problem of mold structure design and die structure is irrational. The slender punches are not designed with a reinforcement device, and the discharge outlets are not smoothly stacked. The unloading force passes through the ambassador's punches to withstand alternating loads.

3) The molding process is not perfect, mainly in the poor quality of the convex and concave die forgings, heat treatment technology and process problems, resulting in convex, concave die quenching, with soft spots and uneven hardness. Sometimes micro-cracking or even cracking occurs, grinding and polishing are not in place, and the surface roughness is too large.

4) No lubrication or lubrication but poor results,

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