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What's A PVC Mold? What Are The Types Of PVC Molds?
Dec 13, 2018

We use a variety of products in our daily life and production. They vary in shape and structure, and some of them are complex and simple in structure. These products can not be manufactured and produced without molds.
Any product or part of a product will have a specific shape, and the shape of these products or components of the product will need to be molded. Therefore, molds are one of the necessary equipment for manufacturing production and processing. There are many types of molds and their uses are different. The shape of the molds themselves is directly related to the shape of the products.
First, what is PVC mold
PVC is polyvinyl chloride. It is actually a synthetic polymer material. It is often referred to as one of the new generation of plastics. PVC materials are widely used in production and life. Various daily necessities, industrial supplies, and parts of various machinery and equipment are made of PVC plastics.
PVC molds are often used in the production of these PVC products. Usually we use PVC plastics for pressing, extruding, injecting, blowing, and foaming molding to become PVC molds. It is actually a plastic mold. A kind of.
PVC molds are generally composed of two parts, one is a concave film with a variable cavity, and the other is a convex film with a variable core. The two parts are combined together, plus related auxiliary parts. The original PVC material can be processed into a variety of PVC plastic parts or products. There are many products or components processed by PVC molds, large plastic parts with their equipment, small plastic buttons and so on.
Type of PVC die
There are many types of PVC molds. Different types of PVC molds have different molding methods for plastic products. The molding methods here include several molding methods such as pressing molding, injection molding, extruding molding, blowing molding, and vacuum molding.
Different molding methods of PVC are suitable for the production of plastic products of different shapes and properties. For example, components of electronic products such as televisions and computers generally use injection molding methods. PVC molds as a tool products, it also has specialized manufacturers, the country has strict standards for PVC molds products production.

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