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uPVC Extruded Profiles

Laminated PVC Profiles For Windows & Doors

Type: Sliding & casement
Formula: CaZn stabilizer without lead
Form F CO is available
Corner Strength ≥2400 N
Vicat softing point ≥80.2 ℃
Charpy impact strength ≥21.2 KJ/M2
Color White/ grrey/ lamanted/ wire drawing etc.
Monthly output 3,000 Tons
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Laminated PVC profiles for windows & doors

Everything that you want of your windows and doors, Lumei has it. Today, Lumei is a market leader and a pioneer in manufacturing uPVC profiles. Having been developed in China, Lumei is backed by the understanding of the specific needs of the varied climate in China, and factoring in the harsh climatic nature of this region.  Extensive research and development behind the product range ensures that it is the perfect solution in laminated upvc profiles.

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Advantages for Lumei Laminated PVC profiles for windows & doors

1, Elegant Embellishment

When designing facades, there is a good alternative for those people who value a natural appearance without dispensing with the advantages of modern window technology: plastic windows with a wood decor look. They are equally well suited as classic style features in the renovation of old buildings, as well as design elements that blend in with the landscape. 

Modern window technology is implemented in line with the house type and your own personal taste.

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2, Coloured films for any taste

Wide selection of colours and patterns.

Ideal imitation of wood texture.

Various colours and decors.

laminated PVC profiles film.jpg

3, Fire retardant 

PVC profiles made by Lumei eliminates the hazards of fire, and ensures safety for you and your family.

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4, Excellent UV & Aging resistant

Lumei profiles using Renolit & Chinese top quality laminated film to confirm the Aging & UV resistant. It can keep 30 years' color unchanging.

60mm laminated pvc profile7.jpg

5, Double sized covering

The option to laminate the profile with various films on both sides – this is an excellent chance to select the colour of the window to suit the facade and interior design of your house.

 laminated PVC window.jpg

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Jinan Lumei Construction Material Co., Ltd. 

Skype: rita.wang0209

Mob: +86-18754992560


Add: Fenghuangshan Industrial zone, Zhangqiu, Jinan, Shandong, China.

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