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80mm Sliding UPVC Profiles

Upvc Window door Profiles Factory

Upvc Window door Profiles Factory

Materials: Extruded PVC/U-PVC materials
Size: In general, it is 5.8 meters, also can customize it for you
Colour: Ivory/Green/Coffee/Dark gray/etc/AS your requirement
Used: For steel-plastic doors & Windows
Standard:CE /ISO9001GB/T 8818-2004 National Standard
Environment Friendly: Excellent
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                                                             China upvc window door profiles factory

Company information 

Lumei Profiles Co., Ltd. Is a professional provider focusing on plastic building material in energy conservation filed of modern architecture.

Limei profiles adopts calcium zinc formula and chooses quality raw materials including non-toxic heat stabilizer ,imported titanium dioxide power ,ultraviolet absorber ,oxidation inhibitor, ect.

Products are divided into 60 and 70 casement series,80 and 88 sliding series ,and include ASA and PMMA double-colored co-extruded profile ,film coating profiles ,wire drawing profile, embossing profile, and uvioresistant profile.

80mm pvc profiles

sliding window.jpg

Sliding windows feature slim vertical lines for a clean, elegant look and are available in two and three sliding combinations and preferred in terraces and lounges.

Full screen glass provides unobstructed views and maximum ventilation.

Dual brass rollers and fully-integrated lift rails ensure smooth operation and cam locks provide excellent security.

Reinforced sashes glide smoothly and remove easily for cleaning.

Dual sliding sashes allow both sides of the door/window can be opened at the same time.

Single or double glass usable, Glazing bead are specially designed to be sloped, this design prevents dust accumulation, closed rail channels provides easy to cleaning and sash adapter profile prevents ingress of dust.

Ideal for wide and narrow places, it can be customizable with colors and pattern options.

Window Color and Pattern Options


80mmpvc profiles sections 

80mm pvc profiles .jpg


Testing item

Technical requirement

Testing result 


Status after 150ºC heating

No bubbles, cracks and pitting



Vicat softening temperature (B50)ºC




Bending modulus of elasticity (Mpa)




Tensile-impact strength (KJ/m2) 




Charpy notched impact strength (KJ/m2)




Welding angle mean stress




Welding angle Min. stress



General features 

A.  Wind pressure resistance

With 1.2-3mm thickness steel reinforcement and its wind pressure could reach to GB7106of first level .

B.  Sound Insulation 

Design with multi-chamber structure and the elastic tape even could absorb slight vibration from the glass.The insulation of double glass window is about 30dB which far more than aluminum alloy window 19dB.

C.  Water tightness

Plastic window has a separate drainage chamber. The generally rainwater permeability is II,III which higher than the alumimum windows 1-2 grades.

D.  Corrosion resistance

uPVC could against light,heat,oxygen ,aging and could be used for long-term under -50~+70℃ environment.

E.  Fire resistance

PVC has a flame retardant, from the self-extinguishing characteristics .Safe and reliable oxygen index is higher than 38.

F. Good air-tightness

Plastic windows are equipped with sealing strips and tops,it’s air permeability is I,II(0.5/1.5㎡/(m.h)) generally to meet the energy -saving design standards≤2.5w/㎡.k.

G.Insulation and energy saving

Profile designed with insulation chamber,pvc thermal conductivity coefficient is 1/1250 times than aluminum,Upvc doors and windows can save 30%and also could increase 4-5℃.Most importantly,it’s production energy consumption is1/8 time than aluminum.

The best transfer coefficient od single glass plastic window is 3.0w/㎡.k,double glass window is about 2.3w/㎡.k.Especially 65mm/70mm series their heat transfer coefficient could be 1.2-1.6w/㎡.k which could fully meet the energy -saving design standards ≤2.5w/㎡.k.


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