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Sliding UPVC Profiles

Sliding Upvc/pvc Profiles

Sliding Upvc/pvc Profiles

size: 80mm/88mm/108mm
Type: Sliding
Formula: CaZn stabilizer without lead
CO is available
Surface thickness:1.8mm - 2.5 mm
Corner Strength ≥2400 N
Vicat softing point ≥80.2 ℃
Charpy impact strength ≥21.2 KJ/M2
Color White/ grrey/ lamanted/ wire drawing etc
. Monthly output 3,000 Tons
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     sliding upvc/pvc profiles for sliding windows and doors from China manucaturers
All of LUMEI UPVC Profiles are lead free and ensured by CE certification and RoHS ,and our profiles are very popular in many counties:Asia, Europe, America, Central America, such as Argentina, Spain, Chile, Guinea, Guatemala, Valvado, India, South Africa, etc

Our product series: casement 60/65/70mm;sliding series 60/80/88/108mm .color have white color pvc profile, uv-resistance pvc profile,ASA extrusion pvc profile and laminated rays pvc profiles mulit-kinds of products for your choice.

this is our new mould sliding frame with liners for windows and doors.


1: Flame retardant The main feature of pvc (polyvinyl chloride) plastic is flame retardant, which is widely used in fire protection applications. PVC doors and windows have high safety performance.

2: Physical and chemical properties are stable. Relative to iron profiles and other materials, it is not easily corroded by acid or alkali; it is more resistant to heat. The pvc plastic profile has a flame retardant value of 40 or more, chemical resistance, high concentration of concentrated hydrochloric acid, and concentration of 90 sulfuric acid. Nitric acid of 60 and sodium hydroxide of 20 have the advantages of mechanically good mechanical strength and insulation.

3: Product flexibility and low cost. The pvc profile can easily change the mold equipment to change the shape of the product and reduce the production cost of the enterprise. At this stage, PVC profiles can replace aluminum profiles and wooden doors and windows.

And the PVC of Lumei profile we have always advocated put the quality at the first step. our   new sliding mould with liners are also very popular in many countries.

sliding frame with liners.jpg

88 sliding series.jpg88 sliding frame with liners.jpgsliding series upvc profiles.jpg

our lumei upvc products quality control

PVC profile quality control.jpg

upvc profiles packing&loading



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