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How big is the outside uPVC window sash? Professional design data tells you

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      There are many cases in uPVC window design, two common ones: windows are too small and windows are too big. It is all about window opening fans: the opening fan is too small, resulting in poor ventilation, which is neither energy-saving nor suitable for living; the opening fan is too large, the result is inconvenient opening, and it may even affect the operation of opening and closing windows due to the inconvenience of opening. Safety.


      1. The uPVC windows are too small-poor ventilation


      The problem of too small window opening fan is relatively easy to solve. Various design codes have regulations on the minimum area of residential ventilation openings.

Generally speaking, a bedroom of about 12m2 can meet the ventilation requirements with a 600mm×1000mm opening fan; a living room of about 20 square meters can meet the requirements of two 600mm×1000mm opening fans; In the bathroom, a 600mm×600mm opening fan is sufficient; the ventilation requirements of the kitchen are higher. For a kitchen of about 5-6 square meters, a 600mm×1000mm opening fan can also meet the above minimum values. From a functional point of view It is better to have a larger opening area, but the cost of the opening fan is higher than that of the fixed fan. Therefore, the designer needs to consider the ventilation area of the window according to the positioning of the project on the basis of the minimum value.


      2. The PVC window is too large-it is inconvenient to open


      The door and window manufacturing specifications do not specifically specify the size range of the opening fans outside the windows, but specify the air tightness, water tightness, and wind pressure resistance of the doors and windows, as well as the service life of the hardware, the size of the opening and closing force and other indicators. In other words, as long as the window you make can meet these indicators, it is qualified. The problem of too large opening sash of the window, on the one hand, has the problem that the sash is too heavy to cause deformation of the hardware, on the other hand, because it directly affects the use and safety, it is more prominent and sharp. However, if you are conservative, the design is smaller, and there is insufficient ventilation; in addition, the commonly used broken bridge aluminum alloy and other profiles are larger in size. If the window sash is too small and the glass part is less, the proportion of the profile will increase. , The cost is not economical. Therefore, choose a moderate size. This is also related to the opening method: if it is flat-opening, because people can retreat indoors when opening the window, the problem is not prominent; but if it is flat-opening outwards, people need to make “extend arms → sway toward the outdoors” in turn. The movement of "body" can complete the window opening operation, so it is very sensitive to the problem of too large opening fan.


      The design recommendations for casement PVC window are as follows:


      Opening fans for casement windows: width should not be greater than 700, less than 500, preferably around 600; height should not be greater than 1400, less than 900, preferably 1000-1200; use over-large opening fans (too wide or too high), especially outside When opening, the convenience and safety of opening must be carefully considered.


      What needs to be explained is the height: when we pay attention to the problem of too large windows, we often only focus on the width. In fact, the height is also very "fatal". For general casement windows, when the height of the window sill is constant, the higher the window sash, the higher the position of the handle will be. In the process of opening the window of "extend arm → bend over", the human hand can The height reached is showing a downward trend. Therefore, the window sash is too high and the handle is too high, which will increase the inconvenience of operation. For an ordinary person with a height of 1.6 to 1.7m, the height of the extended arm is about 1.4 to 1.5m. Considering the 0.9m height of an ordinary window sill, 1.0 to 1.2m is a reasonable height for opening the fan.

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