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How to improve the flexibility of plastic PVC profiles


The flexibility and flexibility of the plastic strip refers to the degree of difficulty of deformation that the plastic PVC profile product mainly exhibits when it is bent or twisted under external force. The easier the plastic product is to deform, the better its flexibility.

The ways to improve the flexibility of plastic profiles include: adding plasticizers, blending flexible epoxy resins and polyurethane foaming flexible modified materials.

        1. Add plasticizer: plasticizer refers to a kind of chemical substance that can improve the plastic deformation of polymer. It is mainly used for PVC epoxy resin. The amount of use in PVC can account for 98% of the total amount of plasticizer used. % Above. In addition to PVC, plasticizers are also used in polymers such as PVDC, CPE, SBS, polyvinyl acetate, nitrocellulose, PA, ABS and PVA.

        2. The key functions of plasticizers are as follows:

        A. Reduce the melting temperature and melt viscosity of the polymer, thereby reducing its forming and production processing temperature.

        B. Make polymer products have flexibility, ductility and cold resistance.

       3. The actual mechanism of action of the plasticizer is as follows: A, volume effect; B, shielding effect.

        Flexible epoxy resin includes three types: (1) isoprene rubber, (2) elastomers: thermosetting elastomers and vulcanized rubber elastomers, (3) silicone materials

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