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The difference between UPVC and aluminum alloy windows


Nowadays, uPVC and aluminum alloy windows are more popular due to their durability, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. When we compare uPVC and aluminum windows, its performance, cost and aesthetics play an important role in choosing windows. Here are some basic differences between them.

uPVC Windows:

1. It is most suitable for residential applications. Not suitable for commercial applications.

2. uPVC is a durable material suitable for windows.

3. The uPVC window frame is weatherproof, so moisture cannot enter through the window surface.

4. Provide the best heat and energy insulation. It can not only keep you warm in winter, but also 5. It can be soundproof and reduce noise pollution.

6. Has low scratch resistance.

7. In the event of a fire, the uPVC window itself will be burnt, so it is easy to get out of shape.

Aluminum window:

1. Because of its better strength, etc., it is used in hotels, offices, auditoriums, hospitals, showrooms, etc.

2. Structurally, it is the strongest type of window, which is not easy to attract termites.

3. Compared with uPVC windows, the cost is higher.

4. Aluminum windows have good heat resistance. Therefore, it may not work well in cold climates because the aluminum window frame will dissipate heat.

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