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  • How to choose a good UPVC Window

    The quality of UPVC Window products varies, and the quality of UPVC Window products continues to increase. So how should consumers choose a good UPVC Window?To distinguish between good and bad UPVC Window's exterior color should be bluish white, the color is too white or gray

  • Characteristic of UPVC Window

    Among many window decoration materials, UPVC Window is very popular among community owners. However, the goods on the sales market vary from good to bad, and some are good and some are not good. How do you judge the quality of UPVC Window?

  • How to choose UPVC Profiles for balcony packaging

    ⒈UPVC Profiles are selected for packagingBecause encapsulated balconies can resist dust and have very good sound insulation and noise reduction effects, most of the balconies of high-rise buildings are encapsulated

  • Three categories of UPVC Profiles

    Three categories of UPVC Profiles1. UPVC Profiles are divided into: fixed windows, top-hung windows, middle-hung windows, bottom-hung windows, vertical swing windows, side-hung doors and windows, pulley side-hung windows, pulley windows, side-hung windows and doors, sliding doors and windows

  • Introduction of UPVC Profile

    UPVC Profile is abbreviated as plastic steel, and its main chemical composition is PVC, so it is also called PVC profile. It is a new type of building material that is widely used. The material has excellent performance, convenient processing, and wide range of uses.

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