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what is co-extruded layer uv resistance uPVC profile?


      what is pvc profile co-extrusions

      Co-Extrusion a specialized manufacturing process by which two or more (often times dissimilar) materials are extruded through a single die with two or more openings arranged in such a way as to allow the extruded materials to merge together into a single fused part.

Our co-extrusion processing used 100% PVC Resin & high UV resistant PVC granules. It allows combining 2 different raw materials into our final extruded profile. The benefit of this process is the ability to provide a unique combination of high UV resistant PVC profiles in a cost effective solution in order to meets the specific needs of our clients.

      Benefits of Co-Extrusion

      1, Excellent Weather & Aging resistant Performance

As stated, by co-extruding 100% PVC Resin & high UV resistant PVC granules, the best properties of each material combine to provide an improved Anti-aging solution. In addition, we tri-extruded thermoplastic rubber sealing strip with co-extruded Profiles. Then it can provide good protection for insulation. It will save your 30% cost for keeping comfortable temperature when in contact with hot or cold temperatures.

      It combined a high anti-aging & excellent insulation PVC profiles.

      2, Co-extrusion is very cost effective

Compared with other manufacturing processes, co-extrusion is much more cost effective. With perfect manufactured moulds, the production of co-extruded parts takes less time than other processes and requires only a minimum level of labour – as a result, costs are kept down. 

      So that means you will have a very very competitive price.

      3, It provides great quality performance and production efficiency

      The co-extrusion production process is simple and with the right tooling, it is easy to produce window seals that exceed quality expectations. Co-extrusion is money well spent; quality window seals will not only provide excellent performance, but will last for a number of years when co-extrusion materials are carefully considered.

      4, Co-extrusion offers high brighter & whiter profiles

      Uses of pvc profile co-extrusions

      I. Instead of yellowing PVC profiles

If it is a sign for your current profiles, which always became into yellow color after 2-3 years, it is right time for you to replace it into co-extruded profiles.

      II. Used in high UV region

Check your local environment. If your UV index is over 7, then please choose our high UV resistant co-extruded PVC profiles.

      III. When you want to improve products quality

     All the goods in market are with same performance. It is the right time to improve your quality. Our pvc profile co-extrusions profiles have unique surface & perfect property. Adding little more cost for changing a high profit product.

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