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UPVC Win-Door PVC Profile in Energy Saving

1.Energy saving,environmental protection,heat preservation.
2.The in resistance to wind pressure of up to 6500 pa.
3.Mainly used in cold area and high grade building.
4.Easy to operate,suitable for mass industrial production.
5.High quality hardware for UPVC windows and doors.
UPVC Profile Color:
UPVC Profile Length:
PVC Profiles Package:
UPVC Profile Certification:
  • 70mm Casement Series
  • Lumei Brand
  • LMPK-70

UPVC Win-Door PVC Profile in Energy Saving

The Advantage of 70mm "Zhizhen" Casement series PVC Profile for UPVC Win-Door

--System Glass
70 "ZhiZhen" series can be used 5+12+5 double hollow glass,also can use 5+9+5+9+5 or 5+12+5+12+5 three layer hollow glass,if use low-e glass filled with argon gas,which can realize of level 4,the excellent properties of heat preservation magnitude 8.
--System Sunshade
70 "ZhiZhen" series of doors and windows with hollow glass Lumei built-in shutter,the use of electric or manual open means,use more convenient,built-in shutter from dust and soot pollution exposure and the external force to the destruction of the tracery,clean annoyance can be exempt from traditional products.
--System Shelter
70 "ZhiZhen" series of doors and windows open translation his wrinkled or invisible screen window,outside using a slow rise,simple and convenient locking technology,within the whole disassembly,convenient cleaning,without feeling,indoor bright and pure and fresh,the scenery outdoor panoramic view.
--System Install
70 series windows and doors installed in "ZhiZhen" deputy box installation process,strengthened the protection for doors and windows products,also make the doors and windows installation more convenient specification,its technology is simple and practical,the maneuverability is strong,suitable for mass industrial production.

70mm UPVC Profiles

70mm series PVC profiles apply high quality hardware for plastic windows and doors,and strictly acoording to the technical requirements of the user profile.So that the overall performance of UPVC doors and windows reach the international leading technology standard.

UPVC Profiles Hardware 

Certificate of Lumei uPVC Windows and Doors Profile
Lumei upvc profiles are lead free and all of products are ensured by CE/RoHS/ISO9001 Certification
Lumei upvc profile are 100% raw material 100% recyled materials .Really environmentally friendly
Lumei upvc profile have special products have been added, and a sufficient amount of UV absorbers, titanium dioxide, has been added to achieve anti-aging, anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet effects. 

UPVC Profiles Certification

PVC Profiles Paymet&Packaging&Loading

A. T/T & L/C
B. Within 15 days after receiving 50% deposit of T/T
C.Plastic bags as customers' requirements 
D.Samples can be provided freely to test our products quality
E.The usual container : 20GP ( can load 8-11 tons ,the delivery time about 7-10 days)
40 HQ(can load 24-26 tons,the delivery time about 10-15 days)

Lumei UPVC Profiles


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