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Co-extrusion UPVC Profiles 65mm Series

Lumei 65mm casement PVC windows are mainly for cold area and high-grade building. It can fully meet the requirements of energy saving,and insulation is a real expert. At the same time,separation of steel lining and drainage cavity can make them independent. This design improve the service life of the windows.
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  • 65mm Casement Series
  • Lumei Brand
  • LMPK-65

Co-extrusion UPVC Profiles 65mm Series

Advantages of 65mm Series Casement PVC Profile

-All PVC profiles are made of lead-free and original uPVC materials.

-UV resistance, Anti-aging and Long-lasting.

-Galvanized reinforcing steels inside frames improve overall strength.

-Customized appearance on color, pattern and design.

-Optional Germany or Chinese famous brand hardware.

-Complying with standards of CE,ISO,RoHS etc.

65mm UPVC Profiles

Advantages of ASA technology pvc profile  

1.First, high weather resistance 

 GE uses the U.S. standard ASTM G26 test ASA, currently on trial for more than 5,000 hours, the Delta E is far less than the maximum under the standard 5. In order to fully test the aging properties, is still ongoing. 

of GE in the United States, Florida, Arizona and the pilot made 

The results can be seen: a different angle (5o, 45o, 90o) irradiated samples, the final Delta E values are close. That is, different future building facade (east, south and north directions, etc.) into a window on the aging process would be more consistent; the same time, the next window into different elevation (vertical plane with the other ramp) on the profile surface of the aging process will be more consistent. 

Can show that these two line: after the window into the different facades of buildings, into a different window facade of color will be very small. 

2.excellent high temperature performance 

3.the apparent good quality Uniform surface color, texture the same; Smooth surface, no dents; High surface brightness, in which up to 70 gloss over. 

4.ASA has some anti-static effect, allows the surface to accumulate dust. 

5.ASA and PVC processing performance similar to ensure that the composite strength of co-extruded profiles 

ASA and PVC synthetic section 

Unique formula and technology products truly reflect the qualities of super weather, do not fade 

The molecular core-shell structure gives excellent product super toughness, not collapsing material. 

The use of advanced anti-static technology to make products with self-cleaning function. 

Special welding angle seamless approach to product 

PVC Profile

Other Lumei uPVC Profiles
Lumei PVC profiles are divided into 60/65/70mm casement series,80mm and 88mm sliding series,and series of PVC profiles include ASA and PMMA double-colored co-extruded profile,whole body colored profile,faux wood profile,soft-hard co-extruded profile,wire drawing profile,embossing profile,and uvioresistant profile etc.

Casement PVC Profiles Series

The hardwares/accessies also supply 
If you have any requirements tell me right now, waiting for you anytime
pulley/half moon lock/hinge/handle/door lock/ sash pulley

UPVC Windows Hardware

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