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UPVC Door Frame Profiles Vinyl Window Frames

65mm uPVC door and window series
Lumei's 65mm side-hung PVC windows are mainly used in cold areas and high-end buildings, which can fully meet the energy-saving requirements, and the heat insulation is a real expert. At the same time, the separation of the steel liner and the drainage cavity can make them independent. This design increases the service life of the windows.


UPVC Door Frame Profiles Vinyl Window Frames

Lumei uPVC Profiles Series

Lumei uPVC profiles adopts Ca-zn formula and chooses quality raw materials including non-toxic heat stabilizer, imported titanium dioxide power, ultraviolet absorber, oxidation inhibitor, ect. Our uPVC profiles are divided into 60mm/65mm/70mm casement series, 80mm/88mm /108mm/60mm sliding series, and include ASA and PMMA double-colored co-extruded profile, film coating profiles, wire drawing profile, embossing profile, and UV-resistance profile. All of our PVC profiles are in lead free to meet environmental protection . And Lumei uPVC Profiles have been exported to many countries, including Asia Europe Middle East Africa the Americas.

UPVC Door Frame Profiles Vinyl Window Frames

65mm uPVC doors and windows series

Lumei 65mm casement PVC windows are mainly for cold area and high-grade building.It can fully meet the requirements of energy saving,and insulation is a real expert.At the same time,separation of steel lining and drainage cavity can make them independent. This design improve the service life of the windows.



Product advantages

The Advantages of uPVC Profiles for PVC Window and Door 

(1)Good water sealing property for extruded PVC profile with European style.

-With rain-proof plate, and grooves and poles water drainage, doors and windows can isolate rain to outdoors completely.

It is accordance with the regulations of DIDDN18055.

(2)Aging resisting about extruded PVC profile with European style.

-Adopting imported improve, and with ultraviolet-radiation-proof absorbent, plastic doors and windows remain the same color

and without aging under burning sun, heavy rain, dryness, and wetness from minus 30 degrees to 70 degrees.

(3)Fire proof property about extruded PVC profile.

-The plastic does not self-ignite, not support combustion, and can self-extinguish.

(4)Air-tightness about extruded PVC profile with European style .

-The uPVC profiles are sealed strips on the gaps of joints, which can save energy.

(5)Easy maintained about extruded PVC profile with European style .

-The PVC profile will not be influenced by dust, cement, and agglutinate, etc. They can be cleaned by any cleaning agents.


The advantages of 65mm Casement uPVC doors and windows series
1.Adopts visual surface thickness class B standard,to meet the national standard.
2.Large section and large thickness,high strength to ensure the doors and windows.
3.Main profile for five chamber structure,heat preservation performance.
4.With three seal between frame and door and better reflects the superiority of watertight and airtight of window.


UPVC Door Frame Profiles Vinyl Window Frames

Application field

uPVC Profiles for All Types of PVC Window:

-Tilt-turn series.

-Casement window series.

-Sliding window series.

-Casement door series.

-Sliding door series.

-Fixed window series.


Color upgrade of uPVC profile

Pure white uPVC profiles with UV protection are one of the best-selling types, and customers around the world need this type the most. But fading and aging are the most common problems in long-term use. To avoid this problem, we develop and improve products by coating a layer of anti-ultraviolet material on the surface that is resistant to strong light.

Colored uPVC profiles. In addition to the typical gray and black, we can also provide more color options according to customer requirements. The entire body of this profile is in color.

UPVC profile with laminated film. According to the needs of customers, we can use white or colorful uPVC profiles to make this type of frame, and paste various films on both sides of the frame, such as wood grain, marble grain, etc.


Hardware of uPVC doors and windows:

Lumei is a one-stop solution for UPVC doors and windows in China. In addition to UPVC profiles and final UPVC doors and windows, our factory also produces door and window accessories, such as sliding sash window pulleys, window handles, PVC door handles, PVC window sashes, window hinges and window gaskets.

UPVC Door Frame Profiles Vinyl Window Frames

Products Paymet& Packaging&Loading

A. T/T & L/C

B. Within 15 days after receiving 50% deposit of T/T

C. Plastic bags as customers' requirements

D.Samples can be provided freely to test our products quality

E. The usual container: 20GP (can load 8-11 tons ,the delivery time about 7-10 days)

40 HQ(can load 24-26 tons, the delivery time about 10-15 days)

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